High Yield Savings Accounts (HYSA)

a/o 6/25/22

Bread Financial (formerly Comenity Bank) – 1.65%

Bask Bank – 1.61% APY (or, American Airlines AAdvantage® miles)

UFB Direct – (Axos Bank) – 1.51% APY

CIBC Agility – 1.27% APY

LendingClub Banking – 1.26% APY

SoFi – 1.25% APY

My Banking Direct (NY Community Bank) – 1.25% APY

briodirect – 1.15% APY

Barclays – 1.10% APY

Synchrony Bank – 1.10% APY

Live Oak – 1.05% APY

SalemFivedirect – 1.01 % APY

Marcus (by Goldman Sachs) – 1.00% APY

Capital One 360 Performance Savings – 1.00% APY

Ally Bank – 1.00% APY

Colorado Federal Savings Bank (CFSB) – 1.00% APY

American Express National Bank – 0.90%

Discover Bank – 0.90% APY

CIT Bank – 0.85% APY

sallie mae – 0.80% APY

PenFed – 0.75% APY

American Express Online Checking – No Joint Account Holder (yet)

I went and opened a new (just released) online checking account through American Express. You must be a cardholder.

Much to my dismay, there is no option to add a joint account holder, such as my wife.

I called, and a very nice lady indicated that this option would be available at the end of the year. It was also refreshing that I was immediately put through and did not have to wait. 

I asked her to cancel the account until such time they offer the option and she did.

US Government Series I Savings Bonds @ 9.62%

Info on US Government Series I Savings Bonds can be purchased through Treasury Direct. Additional information can be found here. There is a $10,000 buy limit per year. The yield is 9.62% over 5 years. It resets each year.

Suze Orman thinks it is a good idea.

See additional article from the NY Times article.